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Whether you employ only a handful of people or a large workforce, dealing with the payroll can be time consuming, diverting energy and resources from the core activities of your business. Ensuring compliance with employment legislation, and avoiding possible fines, can be yet another burden and concern.

Our dedicated payroll team looks after the payroll for all sizes of businesses and organisations dealing with employees and directors.


Benefits of using our payroll services:

  • Saves you time and stress!
  • Reduces the need to train staff in payroll procedures
  • Provides peace of mind that your payroll is compliant with the latest HMRC legislation. We can also deal with any HMRC payroll queries
  • Reduces the risks of PAYE arrears and penalties
  • Reduces the need to invest in dedicated payroll software
  • Advice and assistance with the processing of Auto-enrolment
  • Easy access to summaries and analyses of staff costs

Our Services:

  • Weekly or monthly payroll
  • Electronic or paper reports
  • Secure files and password protection
  • Resolve and deal with payroll queries
  • Auto enrolment scheme set up and payroll management
  • Auto enrolment declaration of compliance and re-enrolment
  • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) set up
  • CIS verification, statements and deductions
  • We can even pay your staff for you through our BACs (Bank Automated Clearance) payroll payment system.

We can even pay your employees!

We have already worked out your payroll costs for the month and produced your payslips, why not let us save you more time and process the payment on your behalf.

Auto enrolment

Every employer in the UK must put certain staff into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it. This is called 'automatic enrolment'. If you employ at least one person you are an employer and you have certain legal duties. The government’s auto enrolment reforms have been up and running since 2012. These changes mean that every employer in the UK, whatever its size, will need to provide a workplace pension scheme to its workers.

If you own a business that employs one worker or more you’ll need to:

  • set up a workplace pension scheme that meets the new rules
  • automatically enrol workers who meet the age and earnings criteria
  • pay contributions into the retirement pots of eligible workers
  • enrol other workers if they ask to join the scheme

All employers must complete a re-declaration of compliance within 5 calendar months of the third anniversary of their staging date. If the employer does not have any staff to enrol, they will still be required to complete the re-declaration of compliance to let the Pensions Regulator know how they have met their duties.

We can offer advice to help you decide which auto enrolment pension to consider, we can set up the scheme on your behalf and ensure all contributions are correctly managed through your payroll. We can also handle your enrolment processes and ensure you remain compliant with your legal obligations as an employer.

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If you need any advice about payroll, are interested in setting up a new scheme or changing your payroll provider then please do get in touch. Our payroll expert Kim Bishop will be pleased to offer some no obligation advice about our services:

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