Understanding your accounts and making the right financial decisions is vital to the success of any business. Many businesses cannot afford and do not necessarily need a full time FD but do need the benefits this role brings. Working alongside a business’ MD or CEO, the Finance Director will not only be an exceptional accountant but will also be commercially aware and able to advise on the best path of growth for the business.

The Finance Director role offers professional advice, strategic planning, problem solving and an overview of your financial situation – giving you the expertise without the heavy cost.

Appointing Bruce Burrowes to act as your Financial Director offers you and your business direct access to his 20+ years of experience, including;

  • Advice on all financial aspects of company strategy, analysis of figures and recommendations for the most profitable outcomes.
  • Ensure your company financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth.
  • Advise on company policies regarding capital requirements, debt, taxation, equity, disposals and acquisitions, as appropriate.
  • Assist with establishing effective company cash-flow management, budgets and planning

Depending on the requirements of your business, your FD can meet for monthly or quarterly reviews.

We have successfully fulfilled the Finance Director role for a variety of organisations. Examples of how we have helped businesses include:

  •  Establishing new controls, procedures, budgets and review in a start-up business. This allowed them to hire against a robust plan, track and review performance.
  •  Assisted in the sale of an SME to a PLC, such that confidence and trust was established very quickly for the buyer.
  • Helped plan the exit of board members and ensure that those remaining had an agreed plan to deliver against.  Provided ongoing support to directors, to allow expansion of the business.
  • Worked with directors to pro-actively review Managements Accounts. This allowed the business to focus on its profitable areas and provided an early warning that the revenue from a particular service was decreasing, which in turn allowed them to plan ahead and roll out other services earlier. It also highlighted when costs started to creep up so that it could managed quickly.
  • Assisted a client through a period of change, managing the departure of an existing FD, re-structuring a failing finance system to bring everything under control whilst developing and managing expectation in non-finance staff.  Assisting with the recruitment and training of a replacement FD, retaining a consulting role to maintain continuity for the business.
  • Worked on behalf of a client to establish a successful banking relationship. Subsequently this enabled them to raise funds in a relatively straight forward manner.
  • Stopped the imminent liquidation of the company by re-financing. We reviewed the business and brought in finance solutions that allowed the client to continue to trade, whilst also managing the creditor expectations.

In periods of change and growth an effective Finance Director is critical.  If you feel your business would benefit from the expertise of an experienced Financial Director, or if you are experiencing any of the above issues, talk to us today.

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